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Felicie Markey (Markey)
Year: (2002)

Updated: 3/1/2012
Last Visit: 3/1/2012

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1500 North Harbor Blvd h3
santa ana, ca  92703
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Things I've been doing lately:
I can say that I have seen it all. I saw a girl that is now assistance manager at Food 4 Less, she is such a sweet heart. Lizabeth Gonzalez now she is Lizabeth Salazar how nice.
My family:
My family is four girls and two boys and they all make it wild. If anyone is looking for Anita Valdez she is on facebook as well.
Life experiences:
I can say that everything in my life has been great.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
NJROTC field trips, how long they where because we got to know each other cadets better. The nice teachers, that would commit to long hours for me to do better. The helpful lessons I learned from my mistakes. One cute little thing about the R.O.T.C. was Tony Ruiz, he was young, smart, but a pain in the butt. Now I am a proud parent of children that I remember SCPO H. Oliver told me to go for the goal in my life.
My favorite things now:
Work, dance, stay at home with my five children, play sports, walk. One major thing is that I remember the NJROTC teachers everyday. I miss them all.
My favorite books, movies and music:
My best movies are XMen, and Superman, All types of music I listen to. If you have a myspace account hit me up lol. is my addy so hit me up there too.
I work at:
Santa Ana CA
My website:

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