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Lupe Arroyo
Year: (1992)

Updated: 9/19/2007
Last Visit: 9/19/2007

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, CA  

Biographical information:
Things I've been doing lately:
I moved out of state after the first year of college and lived in Georgia for 6 years. Went to Texas A&M and Easter Oklahoma State. Traveled because my jobs requires it at times.
My family:
I'm currently married with children. Life has been great for me. I never wanted kids and now I have 3 that I adore and wouldn't change a thing. I hang out at Chuck E. cheeses and Disney and all of the kid places.
Life experiences:
Being a mother. Now I can relate more to mine. I encourage my kids to do their best and volunteer at school as much as I can while I still work a full time job. Go places Travel.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
Hanging out with my best friend Blanca Lopez and working at Food 4 Less. Had no choice.
My favorite things now:
Believe it or not i love to go to work. I also love to go to fun places with my children on Friday nights and love to take trips with my sisters and brothers and our significant others.
My favorite books, movies and music:
Still love horrors films and love to listen freestyle music and 80's. I love all of Gabriel Garcia Marques literature which I was introduced to in Spanish class(Mrs. Osle)
I work at:
All over as a Consumer Safety Inspector for USDA.
My website:

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