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Santa Ana High School - Stories

By: Felicie Markey
Well, every year that I was in the N.J.R.O.T.C. we went to other schools. I was just very upset that the other schools could not behave themselves. The other schools where just bad at losing anything and everything. I knew that I was to be in the N.J.R.O.T.C. because I was needed. One year I ended up hepling Anaheim High School. What a disaster. The whole unit of Santa Ana High School turned against me. Well that was just plain funny. I thought that it was just a joke. I felt no bad feelings ever. I knew what to do because I was called a trader. Not even that made me feel sad because i learned a lesson, keep cool and things go your way. What can I say but that be yourself and never take things to heart when it comes to be you called a trader by a fellow cadet ever. That being called a trader meant nothing to me. I was just in good times knew that the people who wanted to hurt me where disciplined. Laugh out loud, what could I do but laugh at those who where the traders themselves. Well got to go for now, hope that you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Bye for now.